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2013 SHOT Show, Trulock Choke Tubes

If you will be attending the 2013 SHOT show in Las Vegas please take the time to stop by our booth (Trulock Tool # 2211).

We will have quite a few new choke tubes on display including the Trulock Brn DS style, a line of choke tubes specific to the CZ brand, 20 ga. Federal # 7 turkey choke tubes  in an assortment of brands and a new 3 pack line of waterfowl choke tubes. 

George Trulock

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Trulock Chokes, 2012 SHOT Show Photo’s

Max and Buck from "Just Kill'n Time" TV hunting show with Scott Trulock

Jerrod Trulock, Scott Trulock and Bruce Buck

Randy Wakeman and Desirree Burt

The "Crew" from MossbergOwners.com

Lou Leamont, Scott Trulock and Jimmy Primos

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Trulock-Federal #7 Turkey Choke Pattern

Shown above is a 40 yard pattern using the new Trulock turkey choke developed especially for the Federal # 7 Heavyweight turkey load. This choke is in preproduction status. We expect to start production of this choke in mid to late February. Initial production will be made in Rem Choke, Browning Invector, and Mobil choke designs.

George Trulock

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Trulock Chokes Price Increase in February

Please be aware that we will be increasing prices on our chokes in  February of this year.  This action is being taken because of the many price increases we have absorbed over the past couple of years in steel, tooling and energy. We have been told by our power supplier that our electrical energy costs will rise in 2012 by approximately 25%. This leaves us with no choice but increase prices.

The new price lists will be available for dealers on Tuesday the 2nd of Jan.

George Trulock

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Do Ported Chokes Reduce Recoil?


The below was generated in response to a discussion on ported chokes.


I will probably be dodging bricks that are thrown in response to this.

The below answer is my opinion based on my knowledge and belief.

Does porting reduce recoil in shotguns??

If so, how does it work?

Recoil of any shotgun is based on 3 primary factors and 1 secondary factor.

Primary factors are

1-Weight of the gun

2-Projectile weight (combined weight of shot charge and wad)

3-Speed of the projectile

Recoil can be reduced or increased by a noticeable amount by changing anyone of the above factors. Increase the weight of the gun, reduce the projectile weight or reduce the velocity of the projectile by any significant amount and you will reduce the recoil by a significant amount. 

Secondary factor

1-Muzzle pressure

Several years ago I talked with the folks at the H.P. White lab and inquired if anyone had conducted tests to determine what the muzzle pressure of shotguns were. They told me they had not nor did they know of anyone who had.

They did tell me that they thought that the same formula that they use for centerfire rifle cartridges would hold true for shotshells, (5 to 1) that is a rifle cartridge that developed max chamber pressure of 50000 CUP would have approx 10000 CUP at the muzzle. If we apply this to a shotshell load of 12000 LUP we would have approx 2400 LUP at the muzzle. This is a very substantial reduction in pressure.

The residual gas that escapes into the atmosphere after the shot charge leaves the barrel functions as a very crude rocket engine with an incredibly short fuel burn time. This gas escaping at high speed adds to the recoil generated from pushing the projectile weight up to its ultimate velocity. However, in my opinion because of the very low pressure at the muzzle the effect on the amount of recoil generated is a small amount.

Porting the choke tube will bleed off some of the escaping gas at right angles thus reducing the “rocket engine effect” thereby reducing recoil by a very small amount. Please understand that I have not measured the effects of this on a scientific basis.

George Trulock

Trulock Chokes
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229-762-4050  fax                                                          

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Soar No More Wingshooting Company for Trulock Choke Tubes.

Soar No More Wingshooting Company for Trulock Choke Tubes.

Soar No More Wingshooting Company was a concept that started more out of convenience, than for business.  Until recently, Idaho didn’t have a spring snow goose depredation hunt, so the last day of waterfowl season meant a few slow months of waiting before one more shotgun blast at a turkey. Following that: four or five solid months of nothing, because for a twelve year-old kid, it was hard enough to get your parents to pay you enough for mowing the lawn to get shells, let alone shells and clay pigeons.

The best option seemed to be forego clay pigeons, for feral pigeons—birds that flocked in the hundreds, and seemed as challenging a query as any game bird.  After shooting a few passing low on a dairy farm one day, we began to notice a familiar scenario; passing pigeons would attempt to land with the dead ones lying on the ground.  With each bird we picked off, our spread of downed pigeons would grow, and flying pigeons continuously became easier, and easier to decoy.  It had seemed that pigeons would save the summer. Little did we realize that hunting pigeons would also consume our falls, winters, and springs.  “Pigeon season” was whenever there was daylight, and a shotgun.

Initially, we would try to build a decoy spread of dead pigeons from scratch.  Eventually, we would take home a dozen or so, and freeze them so we wouldn’t need to spend time killing enough birds to have a decent spread.  Years passed, and other techniques were employed; each working, but none providing the convenience we felt was necessary.  Soar No More pigeon decoys were created so that we might be able to set up a large, and effective decoy spread quickly, and take it down quickly in case we felt the need to set up in a more active location.  After all, the game of pigeon hunting was initially a leisure activity—opportune, fun, and easy. 

Although we still encourage the sport as a simple pastime, we don’t hunt pigeons that way anymore. We treat pigeon hunting with as much preparation as we would any waterfowl, or upland bird hunt. We scout.  We take days off work.  We wake up way too early.  And our decoys have evolved from effective, to absolutely deadly.  Soar No More encourages sportsman to consider the amazing experience that pigeon hunting provides.  Not only does it provide year-round prospects to continue shooting, it also allows bird hunters opportunities to watch birds work the decoys, encourage youth to hunt,  train their young dogs, and further hone their skills.

As sportsmen, the Soar No More crew enjoys the entire spectrum of outdoor experiences, especially hunting, and more specifically wingshooting. The sporadic decent of a flock of mallards, calling in a wary love-sick gobbler, or flushing a long-tailed ringneck all provide unique thrills unlike any other found in nature.  Consequently, each pursuit requires diverse shooting accessories; different shot, different loads, and different chokes.  

Thankfully, Trulock Chokes is able to provide us with a variety of shotgun chokes that fit any, and all of our needs, from skeet, or improved cylinder patterns for pigeon, and dove shooting, to tight full pattern chokes for turkeys, and everything in between.  Made in the USA, it’s obvious to us that Tulock has taken exceptional care in creating a high quality product, with excellent patterns that consistently outperform all competitors.  Each extended choke comes knurled for fast, and simple abstraction and instillation, and requires no tools for doing so.  Soar No More trusts Trulock, not only because of the superior quality, unmatched customer service, or the lifetime guarantee that each product comes with, but because their game specific choke tubes help us achieve cleaner kills, with fewer cripples. This is key in our sport, because it allows us to not only ensure that we are hunting ethically, it eliminates the need to leave the blind to race after a wounded goose headed for refuge.

Hunting and shooting sports are about the experience.  Most sportsmen would agree that hunting is about the quality of the hunt; the opportunity to exercise our right to operate a firearm, provide substances for our families, or simply to experience nature, and all of her wild critters.  All hunters can appreciate the effort Trulock makes to insure that their customers enjoy their outdoor adventures by providing first-rate service—both from their products, and from their staff.  Trulock Choke Tubes pride themselves in these endeavors.  For these reasons, Soar No More Wingshooting Company is also proud to use, and promote their choke tubes.

-Andy Phelps

Soar No More Wingshooting Co.



Soar No More contact info:


Neal Hunt

President  & CEO


(208) 571-3271

Andy Phelps,

Vice President & COO


(208) 250-5817

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Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting

Gould Brothers Interview by George Trulock

1- What got you interested/started in exhibition shooting?

Steve-I got my first shotgun after my first year of college and was just starting to get into shooting. Aaron had grown up shooting and had a lot more experience than I did. I would go out and have someone throw me clays and the first few times shooting I would hit just a few out of 25. This frustrated me but it also drove me to improve and keep trying. I would bother anyone I could to come out and shoot. Aaron and I started shooting together and as we would get shots we would challenge ourselves to do more difficult shots. We then started throwing multiple targets unassisted and the passion was born. We are continually driven to complete new shots and make exhibition shooting entertaining. Having a little friendly sibling rivalry also helps push us further.

Aaron-We were in college before we even became aware of exhibition shooting.  A friend showed me a video online of Tom Knapp shooting a gun over his head without using the sights of the gun.  That intrigued me. I had been shooting since I was 10 and could not believe someone could complete a shot like that.  Over the next couple years I tried a few of the tricks I had seen on videos but had little luck.  It wasn’t until my brother finished college and moved back home and we started shooting together that our exhibition shooting dream formulated.  My brother and I would go out shooting almost every weekend and while we were shooting would challenge each other in all forms of shooting. 

2- How long have ya’ll been doing this?

Steve-We have been focused on exhibition shooting mainly in the last 4 years. We put together a routine and started performing publicly in 2010. The first year was sort of a test phase to see the response that we would get. We had a lot of great responses so we started marketing our shows a little bit. We have a pretty full schedule in 2011 and have lined up many of our shows up 2012.

Aaron-We have two different stories.  I have been into the shooting sports since I was allowed to have a firearm. I shot a fair amount throughout high school and college. 


Steve –I on the other hand didn’t start shooting shotgun until I was in college and man was I horrible. I would miss a lot more than I would hit, but this drove me to get better  In 2009 we decided to put  together  a  routine and invite family and friends to a performance by Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting.  August 29th 2009 was the performance held at a family farm.  Our bias audience gave us encouragement and greatly enjoyed the show.  Over the winter of 2009-10  we made plans to make a business venture trying to get 5 live performances over the summer of 2010.  After discussing this idea with our wives it was decided to give it 3 years and then reevaluate the success of this idea.  Year one we performed 7 shows.  2011 has been a breakout year for us as we have shot at larger events and tripled the amount of shows that we are performing.  We are looking forward to a great 2012 shooting season and are expecting things to be even more exciting.

3-How much time is devoted to practice?

Steve-It’s hard to say really. Time and money are always limiting factors. During the summer we try to shoot 1000 rounds of shotgun plus .22 every week. Range time is only a part of practice. We also have ways to practice our shooting without firing a single shot. We work on things such as muscle memory, shooting techniques and developing sight pictures off the range as well as on. If it was up to us we would be on the range everyday.

Aaron-We practice as much as our budget allows us to.  Minimum we try to shoot together once a week and usually shoot several cases of ammunition a piece.  Practice is not always comprised of actually shooting.  Visualization while sitting at home can help tremendously.  Also we spend time analyzing other shooters and try to learn as much as possible from them.

4-How do you come up with the ideas for each kind of shot?

Steve-Many of the shots are spontaneously thought up on the spot as we are shooting. Then we try them and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Some shots are ones that have been done in the past or a variation of old shots. The trick is to find shots that are going to be entertaining to watch. 

Aaron-It is somewhat hard to be original and a lot of the shots we do have been performed by other shooters.  Steve is usually the one who comes up with new ideas.  Usually a new shot comes about just by a challenge between us.  Safety is always of the utmost importance so before trying a new shot we talk about how it would be performed and any safety issues need to be accounted for before executing any shot

5-What kind of guns, loads, chokes and other accessory gear do you use and why?

Steve-Our gun of choice right now is the Winchester SX3. Our guns are stock guns with the exception of a magazine tube extension, fiber optic sight, and of course Trulock choke tubes. We use cylinder choke tubes because of the close proximity to our targets. Some people may think that you are just throwing a wide pattern down range and hitting the target with a few bb’s. Indeed shotgun shooting is much different than shooting a rifle, but it does require a high degree of precision.  When shooting multiple clays you may have clays just a couple inches apart or even less. This is where precision shooting and a consistent pattern become extremely important.

Aaron-I’m glad you asked because I love talking about our gear.  We are not sponsored by any gun manufacturer at this writing.  We chose to shoot the Winchester SX3 for the fact that we like how it fit us, it is economical, has great reliability and points right where we are looking.   Our guns are also fit with 7 round extension tubes for a total of 12 shots.  For most of our shots we use 11/8oz loads of #8 shot from Winchester.  Chokes, what can I say, we love the choke tubes from Trulock.  The first day we received our chokes and tested them you could tell right away we were hitting the targets harder than before.  They are a great product


at a great price especially when comparing them to the competition.  To protect our eyes we trust the crossbow glasses from Eye Safety Systems (ESS).  During our shows we also use an exploding target from Sure Shot Exploding Targets they are so fun to shoot.

6-What territory do you cover with your performances?

Steve-As we have become more widely known we have expanded the distance we travel. We are freelance and we do charge for our shows. The farther away the show is the more we have to charge. This naturally has made us a more attractive option for closer shows, but we are available for shows through the Country.

7-Do you have any tips that the average shotgun shooter could use to improve their


Steve-Cheek on gun, eye on target and proper lead. These 3 things are the basics. There are many other tips out there, but focusing on these basic things will go a long ways along with a lot of practice. Many of the times when we miss targets it is because one of these three basic things. Make sure your cheek is on the gun. Many people have a tendency to lift their head as they follow the target. If you are lifting your cheek off of the stock you are changing your sight picture and will more than likely miss high. Keep you eye on the target you want to shoot. Don’t focus on your bead, but rather on the target that you want to shoot. If your cheek is on the gun you will shoot were you are looking unless you have an eye dominancy issue, but that’s a whole other topic. Now we need proper lead. Proper lead comes from lots of practice. That is the only way to learn the lead needed on the different angles, speeds, and distances. It is also beneficial to have an experienced shooter of coach to stand behind you and tell you whether you need more or less lead.

8-Anything you would like to say about Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting.

Steve-We try to bring a high level of value to our clients and put on the most entertaining show that we can. Our goal is to promote hunting, shooting, freedom, and living with purpose.

Aaron-My brother and I had never heard of exhibition shooting until we were out of high school.  We want the shooting sports and exhibition shooting to be household across the country.  Getting young people excited about the shooting sports is the key to a strong future for our industry and for all gun owners.  It is amazing to us how many people don’t know about exhibition shooting even in the hunting and shooting community.  When people hear the name Gould Brothers or Tom Knapp we want them to know those are the guys who perform unusual feats with firearms

9- All of your contact info

Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting





Steve-After switching to Trulock choke tubes we immediately saw huge improvements in our shooting. Many of our shots involve multiple clays that are often just inches apart. We need a choke tube that will give us a consistently tight pattern and that’s exactly what Trulock choke tubes do. Trulock helps us put more bb’s on target every time and that’s what everyone wants whether shooting clays or game.


Aaron-Trulock chokes have out performed all other choke tubes we have used.

            Trulock has better pattern consistency and uniformity allowing you to put more bb’s on target.

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Trulock Chokes Website Update


Hello Everybody,

Our “Shop By Activity” Tactical page is now finished. This is a very quick and easy way to view and order our complete line of Trulock Tactical/Breaching chokes. Some additional updates to the “additional information” on these specific chokes still remains to be done and this will be completed shortly.

As we finish each of the additional pages in this section I will make a post to let you know.

George Trulock



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Trulock Chokes-Which Shotgun Bore Gives The Best Pattern?


Which Shotgun Bore Diameter Gives The Best Pattern?

I am often asked the above question by people who are interested in purchasing a new shotgun. They reason that if a specific bore size inherently gives better, that is more even patterns, then it makes sense to purchase a shotgun with that bore diameter.

Shotguns that were made in the U.S.A. were for many years all of the same nominal bore diameter of .730 (plus or minus the tolerance of the individual manufacturer) as the U.S. standard for 12 ga was .7299.  With the rise in popularity of foreign shotguns such as Beretta we were introduced to smaller bores running in the nominal .721/.725 diameter. Stan Baker to the best of my knowledge was the first to do extensive experiments with backbored barrels (the process of enlarging an existing bore diameter) taking the 12 ga bore up to a nominal 10 ga diameter of .775. Some time back Browning added a new choke design to their line which they named Invector Plus to differentiate it from their original design called Invector. The new chokes and the barrels were based on a nominal .740 bore diameter. I believe that Browning was the first company to offer a factory barrel with a bore diameter that was significantly larger than standard. Currently most of the major shotgun manufacturers offer at least some models with bores larger than their “standard” bores. Some have gone totally to a new larger bore. The results of this are that today’s shooter has a very wide range of bore diameters to choose from.

Pulling from my memory I can recall the following nominal 12 ga. bore sizes. These may not be exact numbers as each manufacturer has plus and minus tolerances. Some of the below numbers have been rounded when converting from metric measurements and some for my convenience.








Now that you have all of the background information, you can get my answer.

I have always been able to obtain the pattern that I was looking for within reason (no 100% patterns at 80 yards) with all of the above bores by patterning with different chokes and or shells. I have had shotguns on occasion that took quite a bit of work to obtain the pattern I wanted but this has never been limited to a certain bore size as they have always been a random mix.

George Trulock


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Trulock Chokes Website


August 11, 2011

To All of Our Valued Customers and Friends,

On August 6th we finally launched our new website. While we believe it is a vast improvement over our old one, quite a bit of work still has to be done. Things such as updating the photos and personalizing each part number with specific information. Our “Shop By Activity” section also has to be finished.

 Our “Choke Finder Tool” has been updated with new information as well as many specific models of guns added. I realize this can be confusing and we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to navigate.

  If you are not sure what choke tube fits your shotgun or you have any other question we would be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-293-9402.

Our office hours are from 8 to 5 Eastern time.

 We welcome any feedback as to your likes and dislikes about the new site as our ultimate goal is to have a website that is both easy to use and informative.


George Trulock


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