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Lanber, 12 Gauge

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Sporting Clays (extended stainless choke with knurled head and bright finish)

Sporting Clays Chokes (For Lanber, 12 Gauge)
PLEASE NOTE: The last THREE numbers of our item # are the EXIT DIAMETER (example, XYZ12640P, the exit diameter is 0.640)
Item #   ConstrictionPrice Quantity  
SCLAN12685 Extra Full 0.040 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12685P Extra Full 0.040Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12695 Full 0.030 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12695P Full 0.030Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12700 Improved Modified 0.025 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12700P Improved Modified 0.025Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12705 Modified 0.020 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12705P Modified 0.020Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12710 Skeet 2 (lite mod) 0.015 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12710P Skeet 2 (lite mod) 0.015Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12715 Improved Cylinder 0.010 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12715P Improved Cylinder 0.010Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12720 Skeet 1 0.005 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12720P Skeet 1 0.005Ported $55.99  More Details  
SCLAN12725 Cylinder 0.000 $44.99  More Details  
SCLAN12725P Cylinder 0.000Ported $55.99  More Details  
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